Friday, July 31, 2009

Natural Wonders of BORNEO : A Wildlife Photography Blog

Today marks the official start of me entering into the blogging world. I have always been interested in starting out a blog of my own but surprisingly i have not given much effort in really doing it (simple reason : being so damn Lazy.. :-P ) What probably spurred and ignited me though will certainly be the recent Bird Course conducted by MNS that i attended and by constantly reviewing and going through blogs from my fellow friends. This Natural Wonders of BORNEO: A Wildlife Photography Blog is simply created to allow me to share wildlife images and my thoughts and ideas as a Nature Guide touring in Sabah. As a Sabahan aka a Bornean native as well, i feel that we are so lucky in having such bewildering diversity of exotic and endemic species of flora and fauna sharing the very same ecosystem with us. This makes me more passionate in trying to help out in conservation and by having a blog i believe it will be the start of me not only observing (like i am doing right now), but documenting, recording and most importantly understanding each species i have seen and photographed. You might never know when documentation like this might come in handy in the future. I am still a beginner in blogging so please excuse my spur of the moment word and literature. Feel free to give your comments and lets work hand in hand in conserving our natural wonders in BORNEO. Wish me Luck!! 

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